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Books - Cambridge University Press

Integrated Textbook for Foundation Diploma
(Computing Stream)
Second Edition

by FD(Computing) Module Team

Paperback: 874 pages
Publisher: Pearson Custom Publishing
Pub Date:

Net Price: HK$ 220

Interested parties, please contact Customer Services
Delivery charge (if necessary) HK$30 per order

Book Description:

The Foundation Diploma (Computing Stream) aims to provide Secondary 5 graduates a basic vocational training for employment and at the same time, help reinforce their academic foundations for further studies, particularly in the IT discipline. It has attained the accreditation status from the HKCAAVQ as a QF level 2 course.

In response to rapidly changing IT technologies, this new edition has been produced to keep students updated on the technical content. It has been compiled from books written for latest software applications suck as Adobe Flash CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4, Microsoft Access 2007 and Visual Basic. NET 2008.

The growing number of Internet activities and computer usage also bring with it, a rise in social concerns about ethical issues governing the use of internet. Computer ethics has now become an essential part of IT knowledge. To cater for such a need, a new chapter has been included into this edition in order to address this topic. We hope that our graduates are not only technically competent, but they will also be committed to practicing good ethics.

Students need to take four vocational modules in the FD (Comp) to acquire the necessary computing proficiency that constitutes the computer set of skills. These modules are:

CMV6119 – Database Development
CMV6107 – Programming Concepts
CMV6109 – Internet Applications
CMV6110 – Project Works

This integrated book is tailor made to suit the teaching materials for the above modules. It also serves as a reference book for the students to cross reference the content of various modules when they need to carry out projects.
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