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Baptist University Souvenir for sale

The following items are now available at Baptist University campus bookshop.
Samples are shown at:
1. Level 4, Ho Sin Hang Campus (outside the student canteen), Baptist University.
2. Our campus bookshop.
The souvenir prices may be revised at any time without updating to this web site.
Please contact HKBU Finance Office for firm quotes.

HK$ 50.00
BU Cap
HK$ 22.00
Christmas Card
HK$ 2.00
Crystal Laser Building
HK$ 100.00
Crystal Paper Weight-Emblem
HK$ 22.00
Crystal Name Card Holder
HK$ 90.00
Document Folder
HK$ 40.00
Fleece Scarf (Red only)
HK$ 25.00
Golf-ball Memo Holder
HK$ 30.00
ID-card Holder
HK$ 10.00
Leather Bookmark
HK$ 15.00
Leather 2 items Set
HK$ 50.00
Leather Letter Opener
HK$ 25.00
Leather 3 items Set
HK$ 85.00
Leather Name Card Case
HK$ 40.00
Leather Name Card Case II
HK$ 30.00
Leather Pen Holder
HK$ 65.00
BU Logo Pin
HK$ 12.00
Metal Bookmark Set
HK$ 40.00
Metal Keyholder Set
HK$ 30.00
Metal Letter Opener
HK$ 15.00
BU Necktie
HK$ 70.00
BU Golden Necktie
HK$ 90.00
'Parker' 45 Roller Ball Pen
HK$ 125.00
'Parker' Ball Pen
HK$ 90.00
'Parker' Stainless Steel Pen
HK$ 125.00
'Parker' 3 in 1 Pen
HK$ 140.00
'Waterman' Roller Ball Pen
HK$ 240.00
Umbrella (Red/ Blue)
HK$ 25.00
Umbrella - Telescopic
HK$ 25.00
Silk Scarf
HK$ 75.00
Plastic Ball Pen
HK$ 1.50
Pewter Dish - Emblem
HK$ 300.00


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