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Distribution Division - Promotion

National Geographic Books Promotion :
Encyclopedia and References

National Geographic Encyclopedia of Animals
Author: Karen McGhee
Hard Cover, 192 pages

Original Price: $ 237
<25% off> Special Discount Price : HK$ 178

Book Description:

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia uses full-color illustrations, diagrams, maps, photographs, and lively, authoritative text to present a survey of the animal world for young readers. Featured are more than 1,000 species, hundreds of fascinating facts, and the latest conservation data.

National Geographic: Mysteries of History
Author: Robert Stewart, Ph.D.
Hard Cover, 192 pages

Original Price: $ 285
<25% off> Special Discount Price : HK$ 214

Book Description:

The past holds many secrets. We don't know whether the Chinese beat Columbus to America or why the pharaohs built the pyramids of Egypt. How much truth is there to the whole King Arthur legend? Did the Greeks really build the legendary Trojan horse? Why did the Hindenburg explode? The thoroughly engrossing, heavily illustrated, 192-page Mysteries of History, written by historian Robert Stewart, Ph.D., with Clint Twist and Edward Horton, examines several historical mysteries that span almost 5,000 years. A perfect launching point for further investigative work--and who knows?--maybe more of these mysteries will be solved in the future by readers of this book.

National Geographic : Dinosaurs
Author: Paul Barrett
Hard Cover, 192 pages

Original Price: $ 285
<25% off> Special Discount Price : HK$ 214

Book Description:

This overview includes nearly 200 pages of well-organized, attractively presented information. The opening chapters offer a chronology of the age of dinosaurs, a brief history of key discoveries, and lots of information about the creatures' habits and characteristics in general. The heart of the book is the 50 or so profiles of individual dinosaur genera, divided into the two major groups (bird-hipped and lizard-hipped). Each one includes size, location, and era, as well as basic information and intriguing facts.

Interested parties please contact our coordinator for details.

Distribution for National Geographic books:

Windy Ng
Mobile no.: (852) 9235 7752
E-mail address:

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