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About A&P Book Centre

Academic & Professional Book Centre (A&P) 

Founded in 1987, Academic & Professional Book Centre (A&P) with 30 years of experience in operating book retailing, distributing and publishing. We are also a library supplier (books & other services), and official book supplier to various institutes, include but not limit to academic, professional, commercial institutes, various departments of HKSAR and NGOs (e.g. Hong Kong Education Bureau, Police, ICAC, Social Welfare department, Royal Observatory, Fire Department, ...etc), also post-secondary institutes and universities in Hong Kong. was found in 2015, it is our on-line bookstore for general public. It has the largest collection of English and Chinese book titles in Hong Kong with over 27 million titles for selection. 

Another on-line platform was built in 2018, it is a tailor made online bookstore for special needs, such as individual authors, customers who would like to have their own bookstore, or special promotion, book launching by publishers. Users can define their function, design and pricing on their own justification.